Monty Roberts Dually

The Monty Roberts Dually Halter is an exceptional training aid and personally designed by Monty Roberts himself. This versatile and adjustable halter is perfect for enhancing your horses training experience. In our 1:1 session I will be able to demonstrate how to fit and use the Dually Halter correctly. If you then wish to purchase one, I do carry a small stock which are available to buy at £53, alternatively you can purchase these directly from the Intelligent Horsemanship website ( and they will be posted to you first class (please note there will be an additional postage cost when purchasing online).

Available in:

  • Mini (Purple)
  • Extra Small (Green)
  • Small (Red)
  • Medium (Black)
  • Large (Blue)

In addition, I recommend that everyone working with horses should at least work with a minimum 12ft line when leading and therefore I do carry a small stock of lines you can purchase either for leading or long lining.

  • 12ft Intelligent Horsemanship line £17
  • 20ft Intelligent Horsemanship line £20
  • Black Horse Working Lead Ropes made by Sandra Williams IHRT and founder of Hearing Horses. These ropes are ideal for people who prefer added weight/ texture to their line. Sandra tailor makes these ropes specifically for you, so you can specify the length. Sandra also makes foal handlers and reins and you can find out more on her website here:
  • Pair of 30ft Long Lines £40.00

Black Horse Working Lead Rope and a Red Dually Halter