Clinics & Talks

If you have the facilities and know a number of people who would like some support a Clinic can be a great and affordable option as you can save the money on splitting the travel.

Topics that work great in a Clinic include: 

  • Groundwork/ Leading
  • Acceptance Training – walking over tarp, flags, awards, standing at a mounting block
  • Long Lining 
  • Horse obstacles   

Both myself and Garry Bosworth aim to give 1:1 training to everyone who attends and although this won’t be as intensive as a 1:1 visit it can be a great introduction to starting a better relationship with your horse with the support of friends and you get two Recommended Associates for the price of one!

Prices depend on the number of people/ time required (day or half day) and your specific aims but we would be happy to discuss your requirements, so please contact me for a quote.


Would you like to learn more about horse psychology? or perhaps you would like to know more about the work of a real life ‘Horse Whisperer’ and how we combine human and equine behaviour to manage change, solve problems and goal setting?

Talks can be provided to schools, colleges, interested groups or riding clubs and can be tailored to your specific interest – so please get in touch and I will be happy to talk through your requirements and tailor a talk that will inspire your audience!

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