Kelly Brotherhood

Kelly is a Recommended Trainer of Intelligent Horsemanship and is the holder of the Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship.


Kelly with Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks

Through the study of equine psychology and behaviour, Kelly uses effective, logical and ethical techniques to create a willing partnership between horse and owner. Through assessing the whole picture (physical, mental, environmental, feeding, current routines  etc.) Kelly can structure a tailored made session and training programme which allows you to progress with confidence.

Kelly works part-time as a Recommended Trainer in Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire/Leicestershire and is part of the tutoring team on the Intelligent Horsemanship Perfect Manners and Foundation Courses run by Kelly Marks. In addition, Kelly regularly supports Intelligent Horsemanship/ Monty Roberts demonstrations and spends quality time each year with outstanding horseman/ women on work experience.
Kelly and Foal
“I love working with inspiring and passionate people in our equine world, it takes a team to look after the needs of your horse and I believe by committing to my own learning I can bring you the very best methods of training and solutions for you and your horse”

So whether you’re lacking in confidence or wish to solve unwanted behaviour or would like to improve your partnership with your horse – Kelly will be happy to support you on the next stage of your journey.

Kelly Brotherhood is regulated by Intelligent Horsemanship and is insured through Shearwater Insurance Services Ltd.