True North Horsemanship

True North Horsemanship was founded by Kelly Brotherhood holder of the Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate and if you have checked my location you will know that I am based in Lincolnshire, in the Midlands, not in the North ….. so why the name? Well it is so much more than a location!

True North is a point on your moral compass; it is the understanding of the difference between your short term goal and your long term (True North) objective.

For example: Your goal is to get your horse into the horse box to attend a show, but your horse isn’t so keen. If your goal was purely to load your horse, you could sedate him or perhaps even force him to load using violence, but these solutions are rarely offer a long term fix, they have to be used each time and can often make the problem far worse. Therefore, true success is having a horse that is willing to load with you every single time, trusting your leadership and knowing you make the right choices for you both.

Knowing your real goal in life (a willing partnership) will help you make the right decisions with your horse and create a relationship where violence/frustration is never the answer.

So True North Horsemanship was born, inspiring owners to achieve their goals through understanding and partnership with their horse.