Round Pen Hire

As well as being useful as a ‘round pen’ it’s ideal for practising join-up, long lining, starting a young horse or just to provide a safe enclosed area, purpose built for working with horses.


As well as a safe environment to work in the round pen panels are ideal for creating a smaller/ temporary pen or an extension to a stable which makes them ideal for horses needing box rest or restricted grazing. An outside ‘stable’ enables you to provide your horse with plenty of daylight/ fresh air and keep him with or in sight of his/her usual herd. In addition you can gradually increase the size as your horse recovers and it can relieve the boredom of standing in a stable which often leads to undesirable behaviour and added stress.

The round pen consists of 19 panels and one gate. Each panel is 7ft x 8ft and weights about 30kgs.

Round pen hire: £100 per month, minimum hire is 1 month.

Deposit: £75 due on collection with the first months rent.

Hirer is responsible for collection/ return and for insuring the round pen during the hire period.